Friday, April 13, 2012

Life of Rusty

This was Rusty this morning. The photo was not taken today but this is what he loves best about being outside in the pen - sunpuddles and rolling in the leaves and grass. At such times he is quite vehement about not wanting to come back inside.

For those of you who commented on the photo of Jan's ripped jeans at the bottom of Wednesday's Yummylicious (dog biscuits) post, we especially enjoyed the advice to not tell Jan if she forgot to change between walking with the dogs and going to Bible study.  Unfortunately, she did remember to change out of her hole-y (thanks for the new word) jeans.

For those who said duct tape would solve the problem, we assure you that if duct tape was the answer, she wouldn't have lost so much blood or so many clothes to the Car Seat Ripper.  Duct tape does not fix everything!  Neither does beating a spring down with a hammer!

We have written several times on Dogs in Brazil, a rescue run by Jan & Carlos who have lost just about everything but are still helping dogs.  They are working on non profit status so they will be able to help more. 

We saw an article by Jan (not our Jan) today on Care2.  It's Guga's story.  We remember how worried Jan and Carlos were about him, an old dog living on the street and in need of medical care.  They  rescued him just days before the horrible mudslides destroyed villages and killed so many humans and animals a year or so ago. 

Guga has a new life.  And we're hoping things will soon turn around for Dogs in Brazil.  Stop by Care2 and read Guga's story..

And we hope you will stop by Dogs in Brazil blog occasionally and leave a comment.  They've had a long hard road and they haven't given up or abandoned the dogs in their care.   That says a lot!

Well, Jan is headed out the door to hike on some errands.  The car seat attacked her Monday while her brother was working on it and then yesterday she and the car had to be rescued.  The car is sitting on the front lawn but she says she'd rather hike and haul than drive and shake.

She's so thankful someone was willing to come help her with the car .  There was a very nice older lady across the street who kept crossing the street to check on Jan.  Before Jan left, the lady crossed the street again and shook Jan's hand, saying, "I know who you are." 

Jan was surprised.  "You do?"

"Yes, you live over by (she named our next door neighbors) and you have dogs in your back yard." 

Well, Merci, Buddy & Sam are walking around with swelled heads now because they're so famous strangers know where they live.  A pawtograph, anyone?


  1. You sure look darn comfy Rusty!!!!!!

  2. Lovely Rusty!! There's nothing like leaves, grass and sunpuddles! Yay!!

    We have read about Guga too!! Aolfriends send us occasional newsletters and featured the story of amazing Guga and the care he got from these wonderful people!!

    Merci, Buddy and Sam ought to join the Hollywood Walk of Fame now - they're STARS!!! Yay! Take care

  3. I'll take one of those PAWtographs!!

    I love to have FAMOUS FURENDS.

  4. Yep, Mom says everybody remembers Fenris and when she doesn't bring him for the walks in town they asked about him. He apparently is more popular then her.

    Sorry Jan was attacked by the car, glad someone helped her. We will go visit Dogs in Brazil and offer our moral support.

  5. Note to self: duct tape does not solve everything. Very good advice!

    I love sunpuddles, too, Rusty!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Hmmmmm...sure hope dat car seat had its rabies shots!


  7. Rusty
    I think you define comfy!
    Have a great weekend and no more problems with the car seat (we hope)

  8. Rusty, you are such a cutie!
    Hi friends! :waves paw:
    Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing us a happy purrthday!


  9. Rusty looks so relaxed. We haven't seen much sunshine around here lately. We will stop by Dogs in Brazil. Thank you fur bein a great furriend in our time of need. xoxo

  10. I LOVE Amber DaWeenie's comment! I couldn't have made a better one i'd I tried all day! MOL MOL

  11. Rusty sure knows how to enjoy a nice day!
    All those episodes about the car seat!!!
    I hope you find a good solution soon!
    Happy Saturday to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs


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