Monday, June 27, 2011

Lulu, Lolly, Willyum and Molly

Hey, Buddy here, with some good and bad news..

We keep forgetting to mention our old friends Lulu and Lolly are blogging again after a time away. Unfortunately, it's now Lulu, Willyum & Molly and "angel" Lolly. We were aware Lolly was ill but hoped for a better outcome. We're sad for her loss. Her family misses her.

If you remember Lulu and Lolly, stop by their blog and say hello. If you've never met them before, stop by their blog and say hello, nice to meet you. We enjoy their posts and sense of humor. .   

It's a bit confusing, though, how they could ask for guppies for Christmas and Santa bring them puppies.  If Santa is getting senile, I will gladly volunteer to drop down chimneys to deliver packages if Jan will let me eat all the cookies and drink all the glasses of milk left for Santa.

Uh, Jan heard me mumbling as I type and yelled, NO WAY!  You can not have all that sugar and milk!  I can't imagine why she thinks they would give me diaree ... diarie ... the poops.


  1. Thanks so much for your kind words for Sweet Pea today. He is home with us tonight, still a little shaky, but doing OK.

    Thanks again!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Awww lovely Buddy!! Me and Charlie think you'll make a great Santa Doggie! Yay!!

    We are so sorry to hear about angel Lolly. Purrs and hugs to her family! Take care

  3. Glad to see your friends are back blogging, we will go by and introduce ourselves.

    Beans are weird about telling us we can't eats stuffs. We thinks it is cause they wants to eat it and don't want to share. Our Mommy loves cookies.

  4. It's not good to have the dire rear!! Personally I would prefer puppies to guppies though. Guppies are a bit lacking in the fur department x

  5. I vote for you for SantaDog too!

  6. Buddy, we love your big nose and cheerful eyes! Purrfect for Santa!


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