Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Percy and Bo Regards

Hey, Percy, here. While we're waiting for Jan to share a taste of whippie cream (as Puddles of 3 Doxies calls it), I thought I'd do a review on Bo Regards.

We're a little late with this, but we - I mean, Jan can't figure out how to hang the thing. The company hasn't helped with any ideas and the only person we can think of who might know the answer hasn't responded to our email.

Mark and Debbi Rath and Else Cunningham started Bo Regards to help pet owners prepare for an emergency, such as fire, weather or medical. Letting emergency personnel know there is a pet (or pets) in the house could save your pet's life. Many a pet has been lost when police and ambulance crew arrived and left a door open for the frightened animal to escape.  And pets often hide during a fire.

They sell Fire Safety Plaques to alert emergency personnel there are pets in the home. They come in burnished copper, burnished brass and burnished nickel.  You can also order a reflective sticker.

We thought these plaques a neat idea and chose burnished copper. However, when it arrived, we had - um, I mean, Jan had a problem figuring how to put it up. According to the site, "The plaque is designed to be easily mounted to the inside or outside of a wall or door; it can also be screwed onto the exterior of your home," so we - um, Jan figured it would be easy to install on a door or the gate of the dog pen.

But this is an O-L-D house and the only way it could be mounted on a door would be on the bottom half of either the front or back door. Well, who's going to notice it down there? If the holes were centered one top and one bottom instead of side to side, she might be able to hang it on the top half of a door, but she'd prefer not to try it.  Hanging it on the exterior wall is not an option since it would not endear us to the landlord.

So, dog pen gate it was. Except how does one hang a plaque on a chain link fence? She tried twists from bread bags but the plaque was too wide or not wide enough, depending on how one views the problem, to hang securely. It was impossible to secure it safely and any passerby could just help himself to the plaque by untying the twists - if a wind didn't blow it off first.

Sorry for the photo. The plaque is much nicer looking than this, but Jan had to stand under a shade tree looking into sunlight. Notice the twist ties? That's the tightest she could manage.

We think the plaque is a good idea; however, we would like to suggest to the company they offer more than one placement for the hanging holes. Surely there are other potential customers who would have a problem safely hanging the plaque on their own door or gate. Jan would have liked one hole in each of the four corners for the gate.

You can find fire safety tips and more information on these plaques by visiting Bo Regards, Inc.

At this time, the plaque couldn't help any of us since Jan couldn't hang it and it's sitting in its box.  So, if any of you are not handyhuman impaired and have a suggestion for how Jan could hang the plaque on the gate, let us know.  She knows there is something used to repair chain link fencing when any of the original "tiedowns" (?) break, but doesn't know what it's called or where it's sold.  She knows this much because Buddy found such a place in one of the old panels and tried to escape a while back.  Jan, a less than brilliant handyhuman, used shoelaces to hold the panel together until a nice man fixed it for her. 

We are not associated with Bo Regards and were not paid for this review, but a plaque was provided for testing.


  1. What a great idea tha is and a lovely plaque to do the job. a shame as you say that you cant hang it properly. Maybe a small link chain to thread through with a lock on the back would work. Mum says she is going to give that some thought because its a great idea.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. Looks like Jan was quite innovative in the end :))

  3. Yes, it does look nice but does need a few more mounting options...that wouldn't work at our place either.

  4. It's a fab idea - and a really nice sign too - but no point if you can't put it up properly and have it prominently displayed!! Good luck finding a solution!!

    p.s. me and Charlie hope you your cream lovely Percy!! yay! take care

  5. That plaque is really nice, but too bad the mounting options weren't ... sighs! When we lived in St. Louis our Momma would print out stickers with our pictures and names with the emergency message, then put laminate and adhesive on them and them place them on our doors in the house. She probably should that here one of these days too.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  6. Jan thanks so much for your honest review! I think the plaque is a marvelous idea, I agree with you that there should be 4 holes...I think you were pretty ingenious with how you finally put it up. You are correct, the concept is great, they just have to make it more "user-friendly!"

  7. Tell your mama that Zip ties would work really well to keep it hung on the fence - she can get them at a office supply store - they are really hard to open after they've been fastened - you have to cut them off with a utility knife.

    Good luck getting the squirty cream.

    Cody and Gracie

  8. Cool plaque. We have an ugly sticker
    Benny & Lily

  9. That is such a great idea, but we agree ... a few more placement options would make it even better!

  10. Great idea to have the plaque letting helpers know that furries are in the house if help is needed. I was wondering if they have any plaques with kitties on them?????
    Sorry that I missed Jan's birthday. I hope she had a fun day and you all spoiled her bunches.


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