Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rusty Intros Maria Goose

Hey, Rusty here. Please excuse me **crunch, crunch** if I eat and talk at the same time but Jan has just gotten around to feeding us. I don't know why she **crunch, crunch** thinks it's more important to walk with the dogs before breakfast. We could die of starvation while they're gone.

I've finished breakfast now. I tried to chew quietly, but I hope you didn't have your speakers turned up too loud.

Oh, okay, Cotton has just reminded me that Jan and the dogs don't get to eat first either. So maybe I'll forgive her. But she better not dawdle, or pass out from hunger, or trip over the sidewalk again. Cause next time she might have to crawl home and that would mean we'd have to wait much longer to eat.

I have an unusual video for you today. It's about a Toulouse goose named Maria and her best friend Dominic, a human. Maria is a very devoted friend.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We had a bad thunderstorm last night, preceded by high winds. When Jan heard the noise, she thought it was a downpour. It wasn't, so she rushed the dogs outside for their last potty break of the night. Then she stood in the doorway and watched the wind blowing the trees and snapping off branches. The ones hitting the metal roof of the shed next door sounded like large branches but this morning she saw they had been pieces of branches. The dog pen was littered. Sam tried to help Jan pick up the twigs and small branches, but Jan kept taking them away from him before he could eat them. Spoiled his fun!

What really startled her was watching all kinds of small litter blowing down the street with a cloud of dust chasing it. Kind of like a debris parade for a minute.

Jan has been enjoying our break and working on other projects. We don't know why she's been busy working up a sweat. We've all been busy napping through it.

And I'm still racing past the dogs to get out the door before Jan can stop me. It's really fun to go outside, eat grass and survey the neighborhood from my personal domain - my cathouse. Jan claims it's a doghouse, but not a one of the dogs will enter it, and I've claimed it by putting my scent on the doorway, so it's my cathouse!

It's cooler today, but we're expecting more bad storms. If you're in the line of storms, be safe.


  1. Fanks for the update. Stay safe in the storms. It was norty not giving yoo brekkie BEFORE the walk!

  2. Sweet Rusty we are sorry you had to wait for your breakfast. Glad you are all safe after that weather last night. We like the idea of your cat house. giggle. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Love the goose video. Gosh I hope they don't separate Maria from her friend. Great story.
    We had those storms last night too but no damage. We had the same wind. It was pretty scary for a little while. Take care.

  4. We don't like storms, especially when they look mean.

    Glad you came by for a visit. Always good to see you!

    Tom & Julie

  5. The goose and the human are both very special! We had horrible storms too, all kind of big trees down. We don't want any more!!!

  6. Oh the goose Maria and Dominic!! Oh that is so lovely!! That was such a sweet story, thank you Jan and adorable Rusty! Awwwwwww me and Charlie hope Maria and Dominic continue to be bestest friends forever and ever!!! Yay!!! Awwww!

    We are so glad that you are all ok after the storms!! Please take care! x

  7. I am glad everyone is safe after that storm! Tell Jan that if she needs internet assistance we will do what we can to help (although we aren't blogger gurus)


  8. That is nutty. We would have hid
    Benny & Lily

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  10. don't like da storms eider but at least I don't go hide like some of my pack mates do.

    Mom has been slackin' on our meals too. We eats in da evening butt lately it be almost 9 before we get our SUPPER! These Mom's better start gettin' in line, or's won't be purrty!

  11. We really liked that goose video! We don't like storms, though ... please be careful, and be safe dear friends.

  12. Nomming food is important, we sure unnerstant THAT!

  13. That was one wild story. What a cool goose! And a great guy :) Too funny :D

    Waggin at ya,


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