Saturday, May 08, 2010

CSN Cat Tree

If you remember, we said there was "Entertainment Coming Soon."  Well, this is Cotton and as the oldest Funny Farmer, I have elected myself spokescat for the Cat Tree fiasco. 

When Jan opened the box and saw all the parts to be assembled, she started to panic. (She's not too handy with the tools, in case you haven't figured that out yet.)  Here is Sam guarding the box in case a Cat Tree burglar breaks in.

With the help of a magnifying glass for her old eyes, the diagram showing where all the parts belonged and a long lunch break, the Cat Tree began to take shape. Of course about the time she started working on level four she figured out she'd missed the two washers on level two and had to start taking it apart and redoing it.(That was really entertaining!)

It is a really nice cat condo. The beige faux fur is so soft and comfortable to lie on.  The posts are sisal rope which is great for sharpening our claws.  We have a hammock, a "cave," and several balconies to choose from.

As Funny Farm matriarch, I have moved my "throne" onto the 3rd level -- or the 4th or even the 2nd, if I so desire -- and spend much of my time looking down on my subjects. I have decimated the hanging ball of yarn already.  It was so convenient to not have to bat toys around the floor.   I have already let Jan know she needs to replace it with another toy for my pleasure. And if any of the other felines wish to play with it, I am willing to share.

Okay, I am exaggerating just a little.  I don't actually have a throne or any subjects, only siblings, but we do love this cat tree.  Yesterday Jan tightened all the bolts as the directions said to do so we will stay safe. She was a bit concerned about the tree tipping over onto the television set or the computer, especially since this old floor is not flat.  Everything in the house leans forward. But the tree is heavy and appears to be sturdy enough to not be affected by our climbing around on it.  As you will notice in the photos below, all the Funny Farmer Felines are quite satisfied with it..

Eventually Jan got the Cat Tree put together. She sprinkled a little catnip on it and Percy was the first to check it out.

And then I joined him.

Cameron climbed onto the desk to take a good sniff of the new tree.

Cyndi headed for the top deck.

Buddy and Sam aren't into nip but they came by to check out our new roost too.

Cameron and I watch as Percy curls up in the cave.  Hmmm. A good fit.

Here we have (from bottom) Cameron, Percy, me (Cotton) and Cyndi.  Rusty wasn't sure it was safe to join us because he's dog-size.

But when the tree is empty, Rusty tries level 3 for size. Comfy!
And, oh, yes, we can't forget our largest feline, the Floppy Eared Hound Cat. (That's one of our old scratching posts on the left.)

Ah, such comfort. Just Buddy's size.  Zzzzzzz.

Shhh, Buddy is sleeping, so I'll quietly say good night. Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. I'm not sure which level I want to choose from!

    It is almost like ordering from Kholumn A and Kholumn B!


  2. Wow, that's a seriously good cat tree! Even the woofies were checkin it out!

  3. Your cat tree is awesome and we know you guys are going to have a lot of fun on it!...It's such a cool cat tree, even Buddy loves it!MOL...Have a great weekend sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Oh Wow!!!!!

    Charlie is very green (oh maybe off white as he's been rolling around on the dirt again...) with envy!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a beautiful tree - well done Jan! *clapping*

    And well done all at Jan's Funny Farm for helping her - I love that you kitties have found your own little places in the tree.

    I think this is the first me and Charlie have seen Floppy Eared Hound Cat!! He is adorable!! We are waving to him to say hello.

    And we just love sweet Buddy asleep under the tree. Awwww.

    What a wonderful, wonderful tree - thanks for sharing the review and all these great pics.

    Take care

  5. Wow, what a pawsome cat tree! That's fabulous! :-)

    Congrats to Jan for getting it assembled properly. Our human likes to have a shot of something strong before tackling things like this--helps to ease the frustration. Haha!

  6. That is a very cool cat tree!

  7. Wow, y'all hit the cat tree jackpot with that one...I want one!

  8. We loves Buddy the Floppy Eared Hound Cat. Looks like the Cat Tree has something for everyone.

  9. Wot a FABULOUS cat tree! We larfed at Jan panicking ~ our mom is the same.
    But dad PRETENDS to be an expert and then gets in a right mess wiv self assembly ~ in fact it shud be renamed self-destukshun when he's doing it. MOL!

    We love it that Buddy joined in the fun. Praps they shud make dog-trees (oooh praps not, 'cos dogs might wii wii on them!)

  10. Are you sure that's a floppy eared hound cat?? It's kinda big for a domestic house cat!
    I love your new cat tree. It looks pawsome. I think I might like one, but please don't tell my dawg friends.

  11. we are impressed that Jan put that all together herself! Looks like a mighty nice tree! even Buddy likes it! Stop by for our party this weekend - Yoko is 17!

  12. Now that is excellent! I like your tree.

  13. Wow! We are quite impressed with your new Cat Tree, especially the hammock level.
    The excitement watching it go together had to be tremendous!
    Mommy wants a floppy eared hound cat...cute as a button.

  14. GREAT THANKS! Now Lakota (my dog) is gonna want her own cat tree! ;-) That's too precious

  15. What a GREAT cat tree! Nice job assembling it Jan - and the picture of Buddy under it is just too cute. :)

  16. That cat tree looks awesome. We should have one for the days we must stay indoors.

  17. I have a similar reaction when opening a box from IKEA.

  18. HA! HA! HA! Love the picture of Buddy squished into the cat tree. And wow - my human is so impressed with it. The ones she's seen are all quite short whereas this one is a really decent size with lots of levels - you lucky kitties!

    Honey the Great Dane

  19. That's one cool cat tree!! You guys are gonna love it!

  20. We has a CSN tree too! Pawsome!!! I'm happy to see another happy kitteah family has one. Aren't they the best?! Purrs2U

  21. what a great tree! lots of levels and hidey holes. to think that they is gonna let you keep it just for trying it out and tellin people what you like about it. that is a good deal. btw - you need to give jan a special gift for getting it put together correctly seeings how she is mechanically challenged. hehe

    yuki, kintaro & tt

  22. I can see you ALL liked it!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. What a great tree! We love family time, too. :)

  24. What a nice cat tree you have there, it's big and full of places to hang out.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  25. Oh, that is really nice for all you kitties. We love how Buddy has found his spot too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  26. That looks like a pawsome new cat tree!
    Jan, you are very smart to have put that together!

  27. what a tree! i need one!!!

  28. Dear Funny Farm -

    Sorry this message is way after your post, but I wanted to let you know that your review inspired me to check out CSN and purchase a cat tree! It's not exactly the same model as the one you're showing, but it's similar. Had it not have been been for your post and review, I wouldn't have known about CSN or the fantastic trees and FREE shipping.

    Just wanted you to know that this promotional bit helped with at least one sale!! :) And my 2 cats love it (unlike most things I buy for them). :)

    Jana (and Fuzzy and Zoe, non-bloggers but CB lurkers)


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