Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Canned Mystery

We need to send some photos to Purina but we can't email them since Jan says companies don't want to receive attachments from strangers. So we decided to post the photos and give the company the link to copy and paste so they can view the photos. So please forgive us for the strange pictures. We don't even mind if you skip reading this post.  :-)

You see, we have a mystery here and we want to ask Purina if they know what has happened. (Plus we'd like to be reimbursed for the food.)

This winter Jan bought some canned dog food and there were a couple of cans left. One was Purina One. The other day she decided to open a can and this is what she found.

 This was quite a surprise. We'd take a wild guess the can exploded.  There was quite a mess to clean up around it. But what could have caused this? It was a can of Wholesome Beef and Brown Rice. It was not expired. "Best before August 2011."  So it wasn't expired, nor kept at an extreme temperature. Anyone have any ideas?

Anyway, our regular post will publish in about three hours.  See you then.

PS - We just want to be clear that this is not posted as a complaint against Purina. We've dealt with them before and have no doubt they will respond.  We're just posting the photos here because we can't email them to show what we found.


  1. That's definitely mysterious. A self-destructing can! Hope they reimburse you and more for the trouble...

  2. That's very strange. Hope they give you your money back and explain what caused this.

    Usually if a can explodes what I can think of is there must have been too much pressure inside. It could be that there was some sort of bacteria that could survive in dark without oxygen that somehow got in there and created gas. That might be why it exploded. It's good that it exploded before someone ate it.

  3. Wow! That is strange. We have no idea.

  4. We are curious to see if Purina gets back to you...Big Company & all that jazz.
    xx lounge kats

  5. Are you sure that can did not have any help?
    We use a lot of Purina products, (well, we have good coupons for free canned food,) and have exposed cans to all sorts of adverse climates. The cans bulge but have never exploded.
    Did have a case of soda pop burst once- talk about a sticky mess!

    I am sure Purina will do right by you. Give them the lot number and exp. date on can.

  6. Wow, that is crazy! I bet Purina will reimburse you for that. They were very responsive when we had a question about our kitty's food...

  7. We had a Purina problems years ago and they were very helpful. I hope you get an answer.

  8. Oh-oh!
    That sure was not good!
    I hope you get an asnwer from them!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Good plan fur making them aware of the problem -

    Mom says she's found that khompanies like to hear about issues like this -

    I would expekht woo will hear from them -

    In all her years of letting khompanies know of problems/issues, only Kay-tee Bird Food was a disappointment to her - a bag of fur the outside birds was furry little seed and lots and lots and lots of some kind of khlay - her guess was a bin or something let go some wall buildup/etc - all they wanted to offer her was a coupon or two for a dollar off -

    Suffice it to say, she's nevFUR bought their produkhts again - throwing away 50# of 'produkht' was a waste fur all -


  10. Oh wow.

    How bizarre!! What on earth could have caused that??

    I hope you get some answers from Purina because that truly is weird.

    Good luck and take care

  11. We had that happen with a can of catfood once. We never did discover what happened or why. Mommy just found the mess in the pantry, after Daddy kept complaining about it stinking in there. ~AFSS

  12. Could the rice have fermented and caused it to explode?

  13. I think you got the 4th of July cans.

  14. hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay i blayme the ninja hedjhogs!!! ok bye


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