Sunday, May 16, 2010

Almost Perfect

It's my turn to do a post. I'm Merci.

Back in February we posted about Rewards of Disabled Pets and Mary A Schafer left a comment, so we went by her website and found she'd written a book called, Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them. We then posted Perfect Pets about disabled pets who are just perfect for some special human. Mary contacted us and asked if we would like a copy of her book.  Of course!  But she got busy and forgot to send it until late April.

We finished reading it last week and we want to tell you we enjoyed reading the stories of the wonderful pets and the humans who adopted them. We cried through the very first story of Tux and his one happy day of freedom in a volunteer's back yard -- something we healthy pets take for granted.

We met Colbi the blind husky-shepherd mix. And Grover the kitten with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a subject we've written a couple of posts on in the past. And Arrow the rescued dog that was there for his human when she really needed to know she was not alone. There was Idgie the miracle cat. Krieg, the malformed and underdeveloped shelpherd whose four months to live blossomed into four years.  And even Cagney the pet rat. There are eleven essays in all; each one will touch your heart.

Each story is unique, but each story has the same underlying theme. Basically, each animal had a special need and each human who set out to provide that need ended up being blessed as much or more than the animal was. 

We think any animal lover would enjoy this book.  Those that aren't yet animal lovers can learn from it.. The stories are inspiring. And you can be laughing one minute and crying the next. You can find information on how to order the book here.  Or visit Mary's blog Almost Perfect Pets.

We were not paid to review this book. Any opinions expressed are purely our own.

Also, we would like to share a video with you. It makes us sad that so many animals are turned in to shelters because they've gotten old or have become imperfect. Humans like this guy really know what commitment is. And you can tell he is getting back as much as he is giving.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Oh, and for those of you who missed our Dr Tweety & the Fab Five Appreciation Day post the other day, we would like to share a comment left by them:

Dear Jan & da funee farmz & to all our frendzez oldee & newz:
We lovez you!!!!! Tanks you fur dis day. We justee lovez da CB & missez it terry-bully. What's wouldz we doez witout our frendsez??
Da dadee iz recoverin' (not da furny-ture). He still facez anudder operashun but iz through two of dem in two monthsez.
Poor dadee. He still can't liftee or do much but we iz keepin' him compaknee.
When he haz his radyayshun, we can'ts be aroundz him. But fur now, we justee pilez on tops of him!!!
Tank you fur all your well wishez. One of deze dayz, we WILL haz a partee & I promisez to roastie a 987 pound ham!!!!!

So sharpen your appetites. One of these days, the Fab 5 will be throwing a PARTY! 

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. The nice Mary lady lives in PAWSYLVANIA too...akhtually only three or four khounties away from me!

    Her blog is furry special too!

    We saw that video earlier this week and we khwite moved!

    Time fur bed here - transport time again!


  2. Thank you for letting us know about the Fab Five! I'm glad they came by to say hello!

  3. Oh, that is the most moving video! Both Hsin-Yi & Paul watched it and both of them cried!

    I can't believe there are amazing humans like that - and then there are all the humans living around us who never walk their dogs but just keep them in backyards all day... :(

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. That is a very touching video - thanks for sharing :-) T.

  5. Jan, thanks for the great links and the uplifting post! (And yesterday's post was fun - I agree, the box is another gift all by itself!)

    And thanks for stopping by to support Whiskey, Joy, Jess and Jim. They appreciated it so much!! No news today - I suspect they are all resting after the ordeal.

  6. Oh Looi and his daddy were just lovely!! I'm all teared up just watching them - bless their hearts!

    Thanks for the clip and for the info about the book - I'll go over and have gander now, thanks for that.

    And great comment from Dr Tweety and the Fab Five - looking forward to the party! LOL!

    take care

  7. What a lovely video; that man and his sweet dog are just amazing and special...It's too bad all humans don't understand that kind of love and devotion...Happy Sunday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. What a heartwarming video ~ thank you so much for sharing, it made our day. Louis (hope we spelt it right) and his dad make a great team. All pets deserve the best chance of a quality life ~ and Louis has quality of life in bucket loads. Smoochies.

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  10. Wow! We must have missed the earlier posts on Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but now that I saw the videos I wonder if Emily, one of the cats I lived with when I was a kitten had that!

    She was a bit cranky with us kittens but she was always determined to do everything anycat else could and DID too! Even walking on slanty box sides!


    We always just thought maybe she had been hit on the head and had some kind of brain damage. She was old enough to be in heat when she was found abandoned in our stairwell by my roommate, so she thought maybe someone bad enough to abandon a kitty instead of getting her spayed might be bad enough to hurt a kitty too, but figured it must have been a while ago since there was no sign of it being the result of a recent trauma. I don't know if she ever took Emily to a vet to have it checked out.

    She was very sweet and smart!

    ~Jack's OTW

  11. What a heartfelt book review. Thanks so much for mentioning Almost Perfect and I'm glad you enjoyed it. (I'm one of the 11 contributors and found your blog via a google alert to me here in Greece.)

  12. That is the most wonderful video. What a great guy to do all that for that dog. It is amazing how far along we have come with handicapped animals.
    I would love to get that book but the money is really short right now, darn it all. But someday. I have written it down for future use.
    Have a great day.

  13. That really was a good video and thanks for all of the good info today!

  14. That sounds like a good book! We'll have our mom check for it!

    And we're glad the Fab 5 are hanging in there! We're ready for that party whenever they are!

  15. WE are so glad to hear Dr. Tweety and the Fab 5's Dad is recovering. Thanks for sharing their email.

    This was a very heartwarming post today. ~AFSS

  16. We are so behind and it is all Pl2's fault..We sort of cried during that video and love that man..We could only wish that all people were as good as he is to their pets..Love and kisses A+A

  17. We wish all owners were as wonderful as Loois' Daddy.

    We're going to check out the book today, thanks for the review.

    And Tweety, we're ready for that HAM! Hello! ::waving 48 paws::

  18. That sounds like a fantastic book. FAZ

  19. That's devotion in that video! I wonder if Louis could use some sort of wheelie cart, but it looks like he does just fine with his human-powered sling.

  20. what a lovely man to care for the woofie so much. The video is so inspiring.. Mums going to take a look at the book now.. Hugs GJ xx

  21. what a wonderful post.. That sounds like and awesome book. We know just what those poor pups feel like. Louie was adopted and brought back when they found out he was deaf.. Callie was more or less the same. The lady bought her at a flea market and just wanted to be rid of her once she realized she was deaf. We always say "They can't miss what they have never had"

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

    PS. Dan, my husband belongs to a metal detector board and one of his friends wrong a book called "Secondhand Pets" I haven't read it yet but I am sure you would enjoy it...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  22. Thanks for sharing the video!
    I love that man and his doggie!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. That video was inspiring and full of love...thanks for sharing!

  24. Those are some lucky pets!

    And it was good to see the message from Dr Tweety and the Fab 5!


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