Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Pawicure and Mattress

BUDDY:  Okay, everyone, I'll be directing today's post.  Time is money, so let's get moving.

MICAH:  Buddy, you're a dog.  This is a cat post.

BUDDY:  I know.  That's exactly why you need me.  I am an outsider's eye on the proceeding.  Let's start with the product.  Who has the product?

CYNDI:  I guess I do.  Jan just dumped this in front of me and said to keep am eye on it. 

MERCI:  That's dog food, Cyndi.  I don't think that's the right product for today.

BUDDY:  Okay, which one of you has the product we need to photograph?

PERCY:  I think I do.  I can smell catnip through the plastic bag.  This must be the right item.

SAM:  Yes, over here, Buddy.  Percy has the Catit Bench Scratcher

RUSTY:  It looks like Percy is having a good time.  I don't have claws but the catnip smells tempting.  I'd like to rub my head on it too.

PERCY:  I have claws but I don't like scratchers.  I much prefer Jan's vinyl chair, no matter what she throws over it to stop me!

MERCI:  Quick, someone shove a glass of water off the desk.  Jan just fainted.  Percy is breaking this in and is actually scratching on the bench instead of using her chair.

MICAH:  Perhaps the corrugated cardboard feels good on his feet? 

CYNDI:  Or perhaps he's trying to dig a hole to the catnip fields of China? 

PERCY:  The bench is 19" long and very stylish for either the living room desk or the kitchen washer or dryer.

CYNDI:  It's about time I get a turn, but I'm not going to test it until all of you leave the kitchen.  A lady has to have some privacy, you know!

RUSTY:  It looks incredibly comfortable.  Do you think I could have a turn?  It looks almost big enough for my XL frame.  

MICAH:  Sure, Rusty.  You can have a turn, just as soon as I take mine.  This is comfortable.  Give me a few, Rusty.  I'll give a holler when it's your turn.

PERCY:  Too bad you weren't a little quicker when Micah called your name, Rusty.  If you don't mind waiting a bit longer, I could use a little nap.

CYNDI:  Oh, poor Rusty.  He has been too polite to insist on a turn, but we three with claws have all been using the scratcher for a pawicure and a mattress.  When we wear it out, we can just flip it over and resume scratching and napping.

RUSTY:  Chewy says the object of having one is to "satisfy your cat's instinct to scratch while stretching his muscles and removing the dead outer layer of his claws".  The Catit Bench Scratcher has been getting a workout around here so I guess it does work.  I wonder if I can regrow my claws so I can join the fun?

BUDDY:  Okay, everyone, that's a wrap.  Let's go eat before we check out the photos.

We would like to thank for providing us with a scratcher to review.  We were not paid nor influenced in what to say.  We always try to be honest in our reviews.


  1. looks just my size and great for napping on. All it needs is a soft mattress. :)

  2. We like that cat scratching bed, that would feel good laying on it wif our should have gotten us one also.
    stella rose

  3. Love that scratcher, I think my kitties would too!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. that scratchy bed is pretty cool
    Lily & Edward

  5. Wes used to has a scratcher just like that! Wes scratched it to bits!!!!

  6. guys...thatz one awesum scratcher ewe getted !!! we like de hole....lounge....look a bout it !!! enjoy & haz fun.... N percy....keep on scratchin that chairz !! ♥♥♥

  7. That does look like a great scratcher- I bet it is even better than a vinyl chair :)Nice review guys.

  8. That's a great looking scratcher efurrybody! And it looks like a great place to nap too.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. What a great scratcher bed!! Good thing that you all ap-paw-rove of it!


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