Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yente Ruby's Margaritas

Ruby and all those who have tried to view this post today, please accept our humble apologies.  We scheduled this for 12:30 AM but somehow it ended up as PM and we didn't get online until noon today to find you've all been looking for it and it wasn't here.  **sniff, sniff, Buddy wipes Merci's tears with a big paw**   We are so embarrassed.

MARCUS:  This is exciting.  We have another Blogville worker to interview.

MERCI:  Yes, we are enjoying these interviews, but there is some rather sad news we need to mention.. About a week and a half or so ago, we contacted Sasha, the official Chef of Blogville, for an interview and we were looking forward to meeting her soon.

SAM:  We won't get to meet her, though.  Sadly, she had to leave for the bridge Sunday and left her mom and all her friends very sad.

BUDDY:  Sasha was small in size but a large presence among the Blogville Administration and residents, so we will observe a minute of silence in her honor.

MARCUS:  Sniff, sniff. *wipes eyes with paw*  And now for this week's interview subject.

SAM:  The riotous Ruby the Airedale.

MERCI:  Straight from her latest performance at ... um, where was her latest performance?

BUDDY:  I have no idea, but she's here now, so ... Oh, wait, her last performance was on her Ruby the Airedale blog.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Please introduce yourself and your family.

Ruby:  Hey Blogville!!!  What up??!  My name is Ruby, and I am an Airedale Terror...um, I MEAN TERRIER.   I lives with my Ma (who doesn't give me enough cookies, in my opinion!  Just sayin'...)   My Gpa comes over to watch me when she is busy with non-Ruby stuffs.  I likes him cause he gives me LOTS of treaties that Ma never knows about....shhhhhhh ?

Funny Farmer Canines:  How did you come to live together? 

Ruby:  Wells, I came all the way from the great state of Wisconsin!!!   That is where my furry Mother and Father lives.  Ma flew me out to sunny California to lives with her, cause she couldn't resist my FABulous  picture!   Though,  I do miss the snow!  It doesn't snow here!!!!  bummer.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Tell us a little about the area where you live.

Ruby:  I lives in the most MAGICAL LAND of the Silicon Valley!   Noes, it's not full of  women with ENHANCED chests ~ it's where all the computer magic happens!!!  We gots Google, Facebook, Apple right heres (just to name  a few!).  Butts, Ma doesn't have that kind of dough!  Nopes (sorry Murphy, we won't be buying that yacht anytime soon ?), butts I loves living here ~ the weather is FABulous (wells, unless we're in a drought, like now!), and the peeps are pretty cool, and the doggies are most amazin'!

Funny Farmer Canines:  What kind of mischief do you prefer?

Ruby:  Wells, I likes all kinds of mischief....the more the betters, ya know?!   Butts, I LOVES nibbling on Ma's plants.  So much so, that she had to put them in 'Jail", behind doggie fences, so I wouldn't eat them all! hehehehe,  She says that it's better than putting ME behind the doggie fences!

Funny Farmer Canines:  How long have you been blogging and what made you begin?

Ruby:  I've been bloggin' abouts  three years.  Which is amazin', since it's impossible to keep my ASSistant in line!   She is forever not doin' her duties, and posting my most FABulous adventures!   I thinks I need a new one....anyone wants the job??? ?

Funny Farmer Canines:  You are in charge of Yente services under Hiz Honorz Murphy and Stanley.  We're not sure what that means so we need to ask what are your duties?   

Ruby:  My duties as Yente, Matchmaker ExtraordinAire, is to find Dates for anyone in Blogville that wants one!   Nows,  I'm not sayin' that everyone finds THE ONE, likes Me and Murphy ? (my Stud Muffin ??), butts I will try and find you a Date that you can have a most FABulous time with!

Funny Farmer Canines:  You were the Squirrel Patrol Officer in the Blogville Pawlice Department under Mayor's Madi administration and also under Murphy and Stanley's.  Does this entail training squirrels to be model citizens of Blogville?   

Ruby:  I wish I could say yes, butts those *asterick*' tree rats are completely UNTRAINABLE!!!   I've even had some throw NUTS at ME!!!  (no...not THOSE nuts Puddles.....)   So I've resorted to keepin' them outta Blogville!  It's a tough job, and sometimes it takes lots of margaritas.  Every once in a while, one gets through, and all hell breaks loose!  That's where my BACKUP comes in....the most TRUSTWORTHY Blogville Pawlice Department!   We, together, can take down any critter that tries to cause chaos!

Funny Farmer Canines:  We understand you attend all Blogville Festivities with your own Margarita Truck.  Are you hired by the Administration or is this something you just enjoy doing on your own?  

Ruby:  Oh, my Margarita Truck is totally INDEPENDENT!!   I wouldn't want Blogville to be legally responsible for what goes on at the Margarita Truck. What happens at the Margarita Truck....STAYS at the Margarita Truck....

Funny Farmer Canines:  We understand your mom has you on a diet to lose five pounds.  You are the Gurlfuriend of  Mayor Murphy.  We would guess that Hiz Honor doesn't agree with your mom on this subject?   

Ruby:  NO.  No he wouldn't!!!!   Not only does he thinks that my vettie's scale is BROKEN, butts he thinks I am just FABulous just the way I am.   That's why I loves him!  And....why he sends me secret stashes of cookies....shhhhhh

Funny Farmer Canines:  If your mom were to describe what makes you special, what do you think she would say?   

Ruby:  Wells, as any Airedale owner knows, we are A LOT!!!!  What?  Oh.  Wells, I guess that's just ME.   Okays.  Whatevers.  Well, I thinks she would say that her life would be BORING!!!  without MOI.  B.O.R.I.N.G.   Who would wake her up at 3am to go outside and enjoy the fresh aire???  Who would make those purty pictures on her windows???   Who would pharts and make her run out of the room, so she could get some exercise???   Who is goin' to slobber all overs her hair????  (I mean, that is the cheapest hair product you can gets!!! ?)  Who is goin' to rub their hinnie all overs her pillow when she's not home????   Like I said...BORING!     And, she knows I loves her to pieces, and do zoomies every time she comes home!  And she loves my stinky, furry arse!!

Thank you Miss Jan for interviewing me for your Bloggie!   I am most humbled, and will send you  a pitcher of Margaritas as my Thanks!

BUDDY:  Wait, stop the presses, stop the presses, STOOOOOOPPPPP THE PRESSES!!!!!

MARCUS:  What's the matter?  I thought the interview went very well.

SAM:  The interview did go well.  It's the postscript that's the problem.

MERCI:  Yes, WE did all the work, but JAN is getting all the credit.

BUDDY:  AND a pitcher of margaritas!  You don't see the problem?

MARCUS:  Not really.  Jan drinks a pitcher of margaritas, takes a long nap, and we have the computer all to ourselves for a few hours.  Or days, depending on how big the pitcher is.

BUDDY:  Good thinking, Marcus.  Okay, roll the presses again.

SAM:  Be sure to visit Ruby and her margarita truck at the Ruby the Airedale blog.


  1. YAY - a great interview with our dear pal Ms. Ruby!!! She and Lightning are always dreaming up ways to make the Moms laugh or tear their hair out:)

    Thanks for another great interview. We are so very sorry about dear Sasha and wish there were some way to still do that interview. EVerybody LOVES Angel Sasha.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. What a great interview and we understand about posting things at the wrong time our...MOM assistant purrson has been known to do that from time to time!

  3. OMD OMD as they say Down Under.... NO WORRIES NO WORRIES
    We have ALL had Computer GLITCHES...(CAUSED BY SQUIRRELS fur SURE)

    OMD what a GRAND interview with our Beloved YENTE.... Miss RUBY..
    THIS GAL can answer questions with the BEST of 'EM. Can't she?
    We love the interview and her THOUGHTFUL and PHARTFUL Answers to you PROBING QUESTIONS...
    WELL DONE.... on BOTH SIDES!!!

    WE love the tribute to our BELOVED and GREATLY MISSED... TOP CHEF... SASHA.

  4. Oh my goodness we sure enjoyed this interview...that Ruby is so funny and just makes us all laugh....well maybe its the multiple pitchers of margaritas that make us laugh and we always thought it was Ruby.....nahhahha its Ruby. We miss sweet sashy also, blogville will nevers eat the same, ......stella rose

  5. Thank you for coming to say hello on Furry Fighter Day :) I have just done an update for those who came by...not the best news as Castle recently passed away, but I'm accepting of things...he had a long, happy life...love to you all xx

  6. Oh that Ruby!!! She cracks us up. Thanks for a great interview
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  7. We knew this was going to be the bestest interview. Ruby is such a hot ticket!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. First thing is to say how sorry I am about Sasha. Sending hugs to Ann for sure. Then I must say, great interview with Ruby. Haha, what a character!

  9. That is the bestest interview with my one and only true love, my Boo, my Cherry Bomb girl, whe one who makes me howl at night, the one I meet under the stars. She is pawfect and her mom is wacko if she thinks Ruby should lose 5 pounds. Ruby is all woman!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Sowry fur yous loss. Gweat innewview. Have a blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Sounds like Ruby is lookin' fur a new ASSistant too. Blogville needs to come up with a personnel staff to help with this. Just sayin'

    Great Interview, Guys!!!!!!

  12. Crikey .... another great interview, aye?? You blokes sure know how to get the most out of everyone.

  13. We love us some Ruby! BOL! She is sweet, cute and always a hoot! P.S. Her margaritas the stuff legends are made from.

  14. Still chuckling over your FAB interview!

  15. Great interview....love me some Ruby!!!!!!!!


  16. YAYAYAYAYYAY Ruby another great interview by the critters at Jan's funny farm
    Hugs madi your bfff

  17. What a fun interview. Ruby is a riot!

    So sad about Sasha. We did not know her personally, but she certainly seems to have touched so many lives. Fly free. Sasha.

  18. Ruby! You are a load of good fun, Thanks fur sharing yourself in this interview!

    Sorry that your good pal of Blogville had to go and live at the R.B.

  19. That Ruby is so cute and such a hoot! We were sure sad to hear about sweet Sasha too.

  20. Great interview! Happy Thursday...

    Noodle and crew


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