Monday, October 01, 2007

Three Bath Beauties

Don’t we look spiffy? Jan hasn’t been able to bathe us all summer because of the drought restrictions on water. We didn’t mind, but Jan did.
She was determined to bathe us before the weather gets too cold. And finally on Saturday, she got a notice from the utility company the ban is lifted, although Georgia state restrictions are still in effect so she had to wait until this morning. Unfortunately, it is already chilly here between midnight and 10 a.m. so we shivered a bit – actually we shivered a lot but Jan gave us a quick shampoo and rinse and – well, don’t we look spiffy? Oh, sorry, we already said that.

Jan is proud as a peacock. For the first time since we rescued Samaritan – yes, we rescued him while walking Jan – his hair didn’t break off in bald patches when she bathed him. He recently finished that horrible-tasting medication for the red mange he was born with. He wasn’t contagious. He just looked strange, all red and balding.

And, no, Buddy is not wearing a muzzle. Everyone asks her that when we walk Jan. He is wearing a halti, which is somewhat like a horse halter, only it is made for a dog. Buddy uses it to steer Jan, but she thinks he wears it so she can handle him. (Don’t tell her, please.)

We had our being-good-bath-biscuit treat and are sitting cozy and warm in the sunshine, so we’ve had a good day.

But Jan intends to wash her car Wednesday morning. The water will be colder by then. Wonder which one will catch cold first, Jan or the car? Brrrrr.

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