Friday, September 28, 2007

Where Is It

Snarf, snoof, mmmmph! It’s in here. I know it’s in here somewhere! I heard it crying and then it stopped. It died. I know it died. I’ve got to find it, just in case it didn’t die yet. If it only fainted, I can save it. Snoof, snarf, mmmmmph!

Oh, well, fooled again. Nothing in here but cotton balls and a plastic heart. I'm too late. It died and disappeared.

Uh, oh, Jan's going to be awfully mad at me - again. She'll tell me - again - there is no little dog locked in there crying to get out, and to stop making a mess looking for him. Mess? What mess is she always fussing about? I have never made a mess in my life!

Oh, I know, she forgot to vacuum the rug again. Good thing she did. Someone left these cotton balls lying all over the rug. She really should vacuum in here more often.

Actually, she should take neat lessons from me. I won the Scruffy Award, you know.

Posted by Buddy, JFF Journalist

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