Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Gizzy Quilt

Whoopie, our Gizzy quilt has arrived! Isn't this gorgeous? It's in the Funny Farm's favorite colors, too.

Ah, I (Crystal) can smell Jasmine's scent. Or is that Millie's? I don't know which one did the quality assurance test on our quilt, but I love that sushi scent. And Jan threw on a little catnip. This is most comfortable when wadded up. And it's mine, all mine.

No, it's mine! Crystal is the oldest, so he had first turn. It's my (Cameron) turn now. A good wad and roll and - ah, cat heaven!

Hey, wait. Where did the traffic jam come from? There's supposed to be room for all of us. Some of you need to lose a little weight! (Crystal, Percy, Rusty, Cotton)

What do you mean, this is strictly for the cats? See, we (Merci and Samaritan) fit on it. It should be our quilt. Buddy snores. He should have his own.

Hey, I thought you guys said it smells like catnip. It smells more like a pack of dirty quilt soilers slept here. Oh, I should have guessed. Cameron wiped the floor with it, wadded it up and stomped it. Just checking, he claims, in case Miss Lynne dropped any loose change inside for the Funny Farm empty dues fund. Yeah, right.

We took a vote and the decision is unanimous. (Dog votes don't count. This is a kitty quilt.) We love our Bizzy for Gizzy quilt!

You can read about the Gizzy quilts on Darling Millie's website.

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