Thursday, October 03, 2019

Marcus the Fiction Writer

Marcus:  ... and then he fell over backwards and had to dig through his backpack looking for an extra pair of underwear. 

Percy:  Jaaaaaaan, can you come here for a moment? 

Jan:  What do you want, Percy?

Percy:  The truth!  I don't believe a word Marcus is telling me about some imaginary incident last week when he supposedly scared some poor guy half to death. 

Jan:  Oh, I know the incident you mean.  It wasn't imaginary, but I'm sure Marcus' version of it is.

Percy:  So what's the real story?

Jan:  I was sitting beside the mill steps resting on our walk.  A young man, probably in his 20s, stopped and asked if he could pet Marcus.  Since Marcus was beaten by his owner between the age of 3 and 5 weeks, he has been skittish around strangers, especially males, and will growl if someone raises the voice or makes sudden movements.  He loves Mr. Doug and other men who are quiet around him.  This young man seemed okay, so I agreed.

     He knelt down.  Marcus went right over, checked him out and sat down.  You know what an attention-hog he is.  Everything was fine until the guy started to get up, lost his balance and threw up his right arm to keep from falling.  The moment that arm started to move, I knew Marcus would react, but before I could pull him toward me, he shot straight up in the air like someone had lit a firecracker under his butt.  His mouth opened wide and a thundering bark erupted. 

     The guy, pale and visibly shaken, found his voice.  "Don't worry, I've been bitten before."  

     "You were never in any danger of being bitten," I responded, "but you sure scared the dog!"

     The guy was facing me and Marcus was facing to the guy's left, but I can imagine how unnerving it had to be to be to watch a dog Marcus' size rising with him, right in front of his face, and those great jaws opening wide.  He probably feared he was a goner.  He walked away slowly.  I don't think he'll ever ask anyone if he can pet a strange dog again, which is a shame.  He seemed like a nice guy..

     When I stopped shaking, I had to laugh at Marcus' unexpected response.  I asked him, "Why did you do that?"  He just looked at me and innocently asked, "Do what?" 

Percy:  I knew Marcus' version was untrue.  He should be a fiction writer!

Marcus:  Well, you have to admit that living with me is never boring.

Percy:  Living with you is never quiet either. 


  1. Yikes Marcus, you sure got that guys heart going full steam!

  2. You are a great protector and hero Marcus. Keep up the good work of protecting our Jan. I would have LUVED witnessing that.

  3. Marcus, I feel badly for the guy actually, but I totally understand how you felt XX

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaw We're glad everypawdy was okay and nopawdy got bit. We're sorry Marcus had to go thru such ugliness early in his life. We just don't know how peeps can be like that. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  5. That would have scared me too. Yikes.

    Have a woof woof day, Marcus. My best to Percy and your mom. ♥

  6. That is too bad. I like your version better Marcus :)

  7. I dunno... I bet Marcus's version was pretty entertaining!

  8. Hari OM
    Marcus, turning your fear into his fear doesn't really make it go away. I am just glad you didn't latch on that boy, who was really good asking first and doing all the right stuff, really. I think he will still love dogs, but will just be a bit more cautious.

    I care more that you may have given Jan a total fright! You need to be more caring of her nerves, you know?! Now, stop bending Percy's ear with tall tales! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. Too bad that encounter. I bark like crazy at people who might knock on the door. But as soon as they come in and sit down, I'm their best friend.

  10. Oh Marcus, you just keep on being you, and everyone else will either have to learn to love it...or lump it! Sorry that that man scared you...well, you scared each other, it seems...but life is imperfect, and we just need to find a way to keep on keeping on...

  11. Oh Marcus, you truly are one of a kind!

  12. Marcus, you should write a book. Who doesn't like reading a little fiction? :)

  13. Charlee: "Aww, poor Marcus! We know what those flashbacks are like, from when we lived with Dennis."
    Chaplin: "Yeah Dennis's life was one giant flashback I think."
    Lulu: "At least you got some nice attention first. And maybe your new friend can do some yoga or something to work on his balance before he pets you again!"

  14. We kinda believe Marcus's version of the story. It is so sad that he got beaten when so little. Beaten at all! So very sad. Marcus is a handsome man dog. May he forever know love and never be afraid ever again in his whole life. Hi Percy! Have a wonderpurr day!

  15. Wow, sorry that you and that guy both got scared and startled like that.

    Who knows what happened to Dalton before he found this home...he, even after two years here, is still very scared of pawppy and hides or sometimes even gives a low warning growl...he must have had a very bad trauma from some man:(

    Hope that maybe that young man might try again to be nice to you, Marcus.

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  17. Oh Marcus, glad to hear both you and man are ok after all! And Micha, happy belated birthday! xo


  18. What a great tale. Mom and dad were stopped at a local brewery the other day and walked by a couple with a sleepy dog at their side. Mom bent and asked if it was okay to pet him and got the ok. Dad, on the other hand, went to reach for the pooch after getting the all clear from the couple and the dog bared his teeth in a most fearsome snarl!

  19. Oh my, fate seemed to have been somewhat unfair on you both there. But, alls well that ends well.


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