Thursday, May 24, 2012

Buddy Issues Moratorium

We have been sitting here for the longest time trying to agree on something to write, but the words just won't come.  So we'll just dive in.

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Farewell, lovely Parker Pie.  We are so glad we had an opportunity to get to know you.

Yesterday we posted on our Funny Farm Felines' interview with Parker for Mousebreath. Also yesterday, Parker posted  a farewell message with the news she would be leaving for the bridge this morning.  So with great sadness today we link to Parker's mom's post, "aeternum in corde," which means forever in my heart..

Dear Parker, you will be missed by all who knew you!  Purrs and pawhugs for your family, especially Mom Helen and Scott, the dad who saved you to a life of love.

We all realize the furry personality we meet on a blog largely reflects the personality of the human "impersonating" the furry.  Mom Helen's posts since learning of Parker's cancer several months ago have been quietly graceful, grateful and positive while enduring the pain of a long (but not long enough) good-bye to a well-loved family member..  Her eloquent posts are similar to those of the late Miss Peach's Mom Karla. We would love to meet so many of the humans behind the bloggers.  There would be such a wonderful array of personalities.  We would in particular love to meet Mom Helen and Mom Karla, in hopes some of their calmness of spirit would rub off on our Jan.

Arty Mouse of AFS&S has been missing since Monday.  Her mom was out of town for a few days and got home late last night.  She is likely out looking for Arty now.  We sure hope to hear good news soon!

Oops.  We overlooked Kudzu & Pixie yesterday and again today.  Boondocks & the Love Shack Pack lost two beloved members within a week.  Extra purrs and pawhugs to their family.   

We didn't know Elliot from On A More Personal Note blog but many of you do.  We can guess the pain his family is going through and send them purrs and pawhugs also.

Years ago, Jan took a headcount after midnight and Crystal was missing.  She discovered he had squeezed under a window she had left open a "sliver," pushed out the screen and disappeared.  She grabbed a flashlight and raced outside with no idea which direction he would have gone.  She almost missed him.  He was in the middle of the back yard, as flat as possible to the ground.  He didn't move, not when she picked him up, nor for a few minutes after she put him down inside the house.  Something had terrified him.  Thankfully, he had frozen and not run away or she'd never have found him and we would have missed those wonderful remaining years with him.  So we understand how Eliot could have escaped to his death.

Now we can all use some good news. 
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Growl Tiger is a member of the Tabby Cat Club.  (Percy and Rusty are members.)  He has been very sick lately, but is doing so much better.  Keep up the healing, GT!

Buddy:  Now I am issuing an moratorium which must be obeyed.  There are to be no more deaths, serious illnesses, missing furries, or any bad news for a period of at least two (2) decades!  Understood?

Cotton, in Buddie's ear:   Whisper, whisper, whisper.

Buddy:  Oh, Cotton tells me that's a terrific idea, but I don't have the authority to issue such a moratorium. Would whoever does have that authority please contact me so I can borrow theirs? 


  1. This made me cry.I, WE, totally agree.

  2. I and mom are just totally sad to the core. Too too many babies leaving and we can't stand it.

  3. There is so much sadness going on in the Cat Blogosphere right now. I am purring for all the affected families. Parker is an especially difficult loss for me because she was such a fixture in our little world.

  4. We so agree with Buddy!! It has just been too sad lately...we've lost way too many furiends.

  5. I have to agree.. far too many left for the bridge and far to much sadness.. now no more you are right.. Hugs GJ x

  6. Awww sweet Buddy! Me and Charlie are with you on this!! Purrs and hugs all round! take care

  7. Jan
    It seems like these things come in cycles. There has just been too much lately. But, I fear many of us old timers know our clock is does our Mom's and Dad's. I know that is partly why they get so teary and sad when we have to say farewell to a well loved member of our community. They know in their hearts that one day that will be one of us. So the loss is really deeply personal. We know that it was with great love that Helen and Scott released Parker but we also know it broke their hearts. We know that one day, some day, there will be nothing but joy of Parker, but for now...well the loss is just too great. We will keep them in our prayers...and we hope too that Arty finds her way home.

  8. The Wheel of life turns. Today there is much sadness, but tomorrow there will be joy

  9. Buddy is on to something! We are ready fur happiness. Sending thoughts of comfort to all our furriends on the CB, this weekend. XOXOXO

  10. No wonder that guy is a brain surgeon...he's got it going on upstairs! Let the moratorium begin...

  11. Dear Jan,
    There are no words for me to convey the gratitude I fell for your support. Thank you very much. We are shattered and know that in time we will laugh through our tears at all of the "perfect" memories we have of our little "pie" she left us surrounded by love. Today we get her back home where she belongs. In our hearts.
    As Parker would say - "smoochies!"

  12. There is too much SAD goin on this week. We hope next week is a lot better...


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