Thursday, April 12, 2007

Macavity Rides the Bus

Cyndi stares at images on the computer screen, but when Cameron approaches, he finds her eyes are closed.

“Isn’t it hard to see what you’re looking at with your eyes closed?”

Startled, Cyndi’s eyes pop open. “Sorry. I was just daydreaming about riding on a bus. I’ve never traveled anywhere except to Miss Mother’s or the vet’s.”

“Who’s the white cat?” Cameron asks, peering intently at the pictures of the handsome white cat, with his nose to the screen.

“That’s Macavity. And Jan’s going to know we have been using her computer again if you leave nose prints on the screen,” Cyndi scolds.

“So who is Macavity? A novelist?

“No, he’s a famous cat who rides the bus in England.”

“Wow, that’s neat,” Cameron exclaims. “A cat with money to spend on travel.”

Cyndi glares at Cameron. “Who said anything about Macavity having money?”

“Well, he has to pay to ride a bus, so he has money.”

“The article doesn’t say anything about Macavity paying to ride the bus, just that he gets on at one stop and gets off at another.”

Cameron is disappointed. “Oh, I thought if he had money, we could invite him to join the Funny Farm Writing Club and then we would at least have one member who pays dues.”

“Cameron, you know only residents of the Funny Farm can join the club. Besides, he lives in England and that’s at least a mile away. We don’t have any bus service here. How would he commute?”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Cameron muses. “Oh, well, we can still share this story with our journal readers. They can just click on the title of the story and read the article for themselves.”

Cyndi agrees. “That’s a good idea, Cameron. Let’s share the story with our friends.”

Journal entry by Cyndi and Cameron

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