Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Impersonating A Cat Owner

“I hope they string him up!” Percy yells at the computer screen.

Buddy is started. “What, who –“ He shakes his head. “I was sleeping. Why are you yelling?”

“This kid in the news story,” Percy explains, with great passion. “He impersonated a lost cat so someone could break into an old lady’s house.”

“Let me see that.” Buddy stands on his hind feet and rests his front paws on the edge of the desk. “What do you mean, he impersonates a cat? Where does it say that in the story?”

Percy calms down a little and reads the news story again. “Sorry. You’re right. He didn’t impersonate a cat. He tricked the elderly woman into helping him look for his lost cat. Only there was no lost cat and her home was ransacked while she helped him look for it.”

“Oh.” Buddy nods his head. “I see. You mean, he impersonated a cat owner.”

“I do? But no one owns a cat! I mean, he impersonated a cat servant.” He reaches over and pats Buddy on one floppy ear. “They wouldn’t have gotten away with that if you were there, Buddy. You would have scared them into the next town.”

“Yes, I would! I would have hunted them down and taught them a lesson. No one impersonates a cat owner around my cats!” Buddy boasts.

Percy’s ears twitch and his eyes widen. “Your cats?”

Buddy quickly corrects himself, “Friends, Percy, my cat friends.”

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