Sunday, June 25, 2006


© 2006 Janice Price

“How could anyone?” Cotton demands of no one in particular..

“Jan would never!” Cameron exclaims.

Crystal shakes his head and sighs, “I wish we could help.”

“I don’t believe this,” Merci moans. 

Cyndi shakes her head, silent and sad, at the reminder of how quickly many pets go from cute and cuddly to unwanted and burdensome, dumped onto others to put them down when they are not adopted into a new home.

A tear slides off Buddy’s nose, as he finishes reading, “Rescue Group Voice Mail” on the No Animal Left Behind blog.

“I asked you all to read this,” Percy explains, “because I think we should post a link to it and it should be a group decision.”

“Yes,’ the Funny Farm residents declare, as one. 

“Okay, I’ll post the link,” Percy says, “but unfortunately I doubt it will help. I hope Jan never decides we are excess baggage and abandons us.”

“She wouldn’t do that,” Buddy cries. “She loves us. We’re family!”

“Yes, Buddy, but so were these animals once. What if Jan decides one day we’re too old or too much trouble?”

Cotton looks Cameron in the eye and says firmly, “Jan will never abandon us because we are too old or too much trouble. Remember Jenny? Well, Jan will take good care of us when get old or sick.”

“Yes, Cameron,” Crystal states with finality, “Jan won’t abandon us. She’s getting older too. We might end up taking care of her.”

“I never thought of that, Crystal. Pets don’t dump people companions off at a shelter, do they?”

Merci scratches her chin as she ponders the question. “No, Cyndi, pets never abandon their people companions. Other people take them to nursing homes and then take the pets to a shelter.”

“Oh,” Buddy says, relieved. “We don’t have anything to worry about then. Mr. Doug will take us home with him after he drops his sister off at the nursing home.”

(s) Percy,
Secretary to the Funny Farm Writing Club

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