Sunday, June 11, 2006


Jan is still running in circles trying to play catch-up (we Funny Farm residents call that “chasing our tails”), so my – I mean, our computer access has been severely limited for quite a while. She is out for a few hours this afternoon, and I – uh, we have been catching up on the Internet news. I – sorry, I keep forgetting - we found a few interesting stories to share.

My favorite is the first one. Hooray for the feisty feline!

Since Merci rescued me, she thinks the dog adopts kittens story is the greatest. Watching those kittens getting knock-them-down tongue baths brings back memories of my youth (I’ll be 2 next month.)

Buddy is excited about the last story. As a boisterous young adult, he would prefer to not be mistaken for a mean and aggressive dog. (He’s really a pussycat at heart.)

(Sorry, only one story left online.  Other links are no longer good.)
World’s oldest cat dies.

Hope you enjoy the stories.

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