Saturday, March 12, 2005


Merci and Buddy dislay his talent

Copyright 2005 Janice Price

Hey, which one of you cat critters sneaked that “this house is guarded by an attack cat” mat into the picture? Merci and I are the guards in this house!

Well, it’s too late to change the picture. This is an emergency and I need my readers to support me in this bed making difference of opinion. If you remember, last week Jan forced me to apologize to Murphy and Merci and everyone who has been reading my bed making tips. She’s trying to teach me to be obedient (it should be the other way around) and I dutifully apologized so she wouldn’t send me to the Psycho Attic Farm. You know, where they send the crazy dogs.

But I have been thinking this over for the past week and I have come to the conclusion that she’s wrong in this instance. Just because dogs have higher bed making standards than people do doesn’t mean we should have to live down to one person’s standards. A few decorative touches, a wad or two, and a good stomp would greatly improve her own bed making habits.

Merci used to be my biggest critic but she has come to see the value of my skills and is giving me her full support. I know I could make a go of a bed making business, especially if Jan would let me advertise in my column. I could contribute to the household finances and she could buy even bigger bags of food so I could eat more and grow faster, so I could work harder and I could – Oh, I could be rich!

We dogs have to stick together, especially male dogs, Murphy. You were behind me for the Scruffy Award. Would you support me in this? Please, write to Jan at the funny farm email address and tell her what a good example I set for you and all your friends. Maybe you can convince Mr. Jimmy to write too. And all of your friends and Mr. Jimmy’s friends could write and she would have so much email to read she wouldn’t have time to criticize my talent or destroy my artistic designs.

I’m asking all you readers who enjoy my columns to please email Jan and explain to her the error of her decision. If you don’t enjoy my columns, please write to Jan anyway. You don’t have to be a fan of my writing to see the beauty in the beds I create.

Jan might not allow me to post any more stories for a while after this one. She says the other residents should have a turn. So, I’m going to thank all of you now, in advance, for your support.

Mr. Buddy, Journalist and professional bed maker wanna be, signing off for the day.

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