Saturday, February 12, 2005


Jenny, honorary member of the Funny Farm Writing Club


Crystal calls for the other members of the club. “Pssst. Come here, quickly. Jan is reading our story on the computer.”

Felines and canines scramble to peer intently from the kitchen doorway as Jan discovers the story the Funny Farm Writing Club finished earlier in the morning, using the word list for her writers group meeting. Her back stiffens and her eyes widen with shock as she reads the strange story.

The animals watch and listen intently, leaning hard to the right, so they don’t miss anything going on in the living room.

“Get out of my way,” Cameron, the smallest of the group, complains. “I can’t see through you and I can’t see around you. I know, I’ll just see from on top of you.” He leaps lightly onto Buddy’s back. “There, this is better.”

“She’s shaking her head,” Merci says.

“Shhhh. Keep your voice down, Merci. We don’t want her to know we’re here,” Cyndi says softly.

Jenny joins them. “Why don’t we want her to know we’re here?”

“That’s right,” Percy explains, “you aren’t aware we have been writing a fiction story for Jan. We didn’t invite you to join our writing club because we meet in the bathtub at four in the morning. We didn’t think you would be able to climb into the tub or sit in the cold through the meetings. You know, you being sixteen years old and blind.”

Jenny lowers her head. “One day you might be sixteen and you’ll find out how lonely it can be to be left out of everything by the young.”

Cyndi tries to lift Jenny’s spirits. “Why don’t we make Jenny an honorary member of the club?”

“I second it,” Merci says.

Crystal stomps his foot lightly, in lieu of a gavel. “Motion passed. Jenny is an honorary member of the club. We can keep her informed of what goes on in the meetings and perhaps she can help us.”

“She’ll have to pay dues,” Cameron exclaims.

Crystal stretches to his full height, in order to tap Cameron on the head with a paw. “Jenny does not have to pay dues. She is an honorary member. You’re just an ornery member. Enough about dues!”

“Jan’s crying,” Cotton interjects. “I knew that crock of bull story would send her over the edge.”

All eyes turn to watch Jan’s shoulders heave as she finishes the story.

“What in the world?” Jan mutters, as she leans back in her chair and stares at the monitor screen. “This has my name on it but I don’t remember writing it. If I didn’t know better, I would think this story came from the fertile imagination of my pets. Only, that isn’t possible. I wonder when I wrote this? And why?”

“She’s not crying, Cotton. She’s laughing,” Cyndi says.

“She likes it.” Merci laughs.

Cotton is dumbfounded. “She likes it?”

“She likes it,” Buddy exclaims, leaping high into the air with youthful abandon, bucking Cameron off his back and under the table. “Yieeeeee!”

“Run,” Merci yelps.

Cameron calls after the retreating club members, “But I haven’t collected the dues yet.”

Secretary to the Funny Farm Writing Club


  1. Hello,

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    You are invited to join is anyone else reading this). There are dozens of color themes to choose from at the bottom of the home page. You will get lots of comments on your blog because they're all grouped.

    We like chocolate too(and ice cream)!

  2. Hmmm. Anyone who reads this and is interested, please note the link for rysolag is to a newly opened blog with no postings and he is not listed on the blogladder site. If you check it out anyway, don't forget to read their FAQ before deciding whether to sign up. I'll pass, thanks. I'm happy with blogger. Jan

  3. Murphy (and Jimmy) wish Jan,Mercy, Perci, Buddy and all the others in the Tomcat club and at Jan's Funny Farm a very happy Valentine's Day.

    Jimmy (as dictated by Murphy)

  4. Hey, Murphy,

    I might be old and blind but I can still recognize one with good breeding. Thank you for your Valentine wishes, on behalf of Jan and all the staff here at the Funny Farm. The same to you and your friend Jimmy.

    (dictated to and typed by Percy)


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