Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The Funny Farm has suspended regular postings to keep everyone updated on All Cats, Inc., an animal rescue team that has been actively rescuing pets in New Orleans since September 1st. We know there are other reputable groups also rescuing animals from the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina, but this is the one we are familiar with and so we back their efforts 100%, knowing that every penny donated to them will go toward rescue expenses. After the rescue efforts have finally ceased, there will still be the care and feeding of numerous animals, some of which will need veterinary care. Some have already been reunited with their owners.
Percy, Secretary for the FFWC


Hurricane Katrina All Cats Rescue Update for Wednesday, September 07, 2005

All Creatures Are Truly Special, Inc.

We have now rescued 480 dogs and cats and have reunited a total of
50 with their owners. In addition, we have relocated 18 people WITH their animals.

You may have seen a piece on CNN that showed rescue of a very sick man whose collie was running alongside the boat in which he was being transported. The dog tried to get in the boat but was pushed back and finally gave up. We have rescued that collie, who has his tags on with his person's name. He is now with a lady who lives nearby and WHO will care for him until (hopefully) his owner recovers and they can be reunited.

You may also have seen a piece on Fox News about a Mississippi lady who refused to leave her home without her dog. One of our volunteers has taken her both people and dog food and she is now able to stay at her home, which was not extensively damaged. She is also taking care of some of the dogs we have rescued.

Home Depot and Wal-Mart stores in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi have offered us any salvageable building materials free of charge. This is a BIG help, as we don't have to purchase fencing, cages and other materials for this purpose.

Our major need is still fuel.

1. Visit our website and donate via paypal using the special Katrina Rescue link.

2. Send money via Western Union to Carolyn Keeton at Valley, AL or Barry Harbin at Albertville, AL. Please be sure to let Carolyn and/or Barry know the confirmation number by calling Carolyn at -

3. Send a check or prepaid gas card to Carolyn at the Valley, AL shelter - made out to All Cats, Inc (and with a notation for Katrina Rescue). The address is All Cats, Inc., 4907 23rd Boulevard, Valley, AL 36854.

Thank you!

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